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Glory cash solutions deliver fast, secure cash automation to lower the cost of cash for retail businesses. Cash solutions and self-serve kiosks automate cash handling, provide visibility and control of cash inventory, and allow staff to be dedicated to customer interactions instead of counting cash.


Manual cash counting can be a strain on hotels that have multiple cash registers in different locations throughout the hotel, at retail, food service and front desk locations. Glory helps hotels transform cash management by reducing errors, saving time, and keeping cash-on-hand to a minimum. 



The high usage of cash and large number of registers found in most grocery stores mean that there are many opportunities for greater efficiency and security in the cash handling process. Our solutions save time by automating the distribution of start funds, cash counting, start / end-of-day processes, and reduce CIT pickups. Additional benefits include increased security, electronic monitoring, increased staff accountability and reduced cash exposure in the store. 


C-Stores / Fuel

The volume of customers who pay with cash is higher at convenience stores, fuel stations and transportation interchanges, which means that keeping the cash and staff safe and secure is top priority when it comes to cash automation. To better protect your staff and profits, implementing point of sale, back office, and self-serve solutions is key.  

Food & Beverage / QSR

Customers want autonomy and to complete their purchase quickly when making selections on what they want to eat and drink. Allowing customers to utilize self-service kiosks and self-checkout increases sales and reduces errors around cash reconciliation at the point of sale and back office.  

Big Box / DIY

Big Box Retailers have significant cash handling challenges. These include the large numbers of cash registers with very high cash volume (especially during holiday sales events), which means a greater amount of cash is needed to start each business day. Because of the volume of cash and registers, there is usually also a need for dedicated personnel to man the cash room. Cash recycling means less cash is needed at the start of each business day, and automated deposit preparation and analytics means fewer hours for cash room personnel. 



Casinos deal with very large amounts of cash on a daily basis and it is essential to implement cash automation technology to protect from theft, increase profits, and allow staff to spend more time focusing on guests. There are many opportunities for handling coins and notes more quickly, with added security and greater accuracy. Glory’s larger models can count and dispense coins and notes fast, keeping a detailed record of each transaction.  



Cannabis retailers are struggling to manage the overflow of cash in this new market. Implementing cash automation solutions helps protect against shrinkage, counting errors, and loss of profit due to staff spending their time counting cash instead of focusing on customers.  

Every business is unique. We are here to help you find the best solution for your market.

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