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As more consumers choose to self-serve, it’s more important than ever to transform your self-checkout and give them the best experience possible. Implementing self-checkout options at your business enables self-checkout, and frees your staff to focus on interacting with customers and other business needs.

Self-Checkout Solutions

Serve more customers without increasing checkout staff. Go beyond automation and digitally transform your self-checkout. Big or small, Glory has the flexibility and the support to deliver on your business objectives and enhance your retail environment. Available with a wide range of configurations and options, our self-checkout solutions are easily adaptable and ready to make a major impact on your business. Cash, card and mobile payment options mean all your customers will benefit however they choose to pay.

Self-Checkout Solutions – Click on a solution for more information

K22: Compact self-checkout kiosk
K27: Compact self-checkout kiosk
S22 Lite: Ultra slim self-checkout kiosk
C24: Cash + Kiosk ticketing and entertainment

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