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Less time spent counting, collating, and reconciling cash means more time and cash available to build a more efficient, customer-focused retail business. Automating manual cash processes in the back office means your staff can be re-deployed to customer facing roles and cashiers can also spend more time with customers not counting their cash drawers.

CI-100X Back Office

As part of the innovative CASHINFINITY™ solution, the CI-100X is a high-speed, large capacity cash recycler that meets the demands of retail and gaming operations. CI-100X accelerates back office processes in high-volume cash locations. The CI-100X enables flexible operational processes, allowing staff to focus on other activities that improve customer experience and drive growth for your business; delivering increased productivity and security for your staff, and reducing the risk of cash shrinkage.

As an option, CI-100X in the back office accepts note and coin collection cassettes from the CI-10X at the point of sale, provide a closed cash loop. This eliminates the need for cashiers and staff to manually collect notes and coins when moving cash from the front-of-store to the back office.


  • Various safe types and collection methods provide customized options that fit the customers back-office needs
  • Superior recognition technology means fast and accurate cash and coin processing
  • Real-time cash inventory status and allows CIT pick up and deliveries to be reduced

Suitable For:

  • Back office automated note and coin handling, balancing and change funds
  • Reducing start-of day, shift change and close-of-day operations
  • Secure closed-loop cash management between the front and back office
  • TBD
  • 4 note recycle modules
  • 8 coin recycle modules
  • Optional modules: 8 note recycle modules
  • 3,200-2,500 notes* (stacking safe bag type)
  • 3,100 notes* (free stacking safe bag type)
  • 3,200-2,400 notes* (collection cassette type)
  • *Dependent on banknote quality. Capacities are for reference only and are not guaranteed

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