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Less time spent counting, collating, and reconciling cash means more time and cash available to build a more efficient, customer-focused retail business. Automating manual cash processes in the back office means your staff can be re-deployed to customer facing roles and cashiers can also spend more time with customers not counting their cash drawers.

CI-300X Back Office

As part of the CASHINFINITY™ solution, the CI-300X is a high-speed, large capacity cash recycler that meets the demands of high-volume cash locations. Delivering increased productivity and security for your staff and reducing the risk of cash shrinkage, the CI-300X enables a multitude of flexible operational processes to be implemented, allowing staff to focus on other activities that improve customer experience and drive growth for your business.

CI-300X can accept Interface Cassettes from CI-10X, so there is no need for cashiers and staff to manually collect cash and coins, when moving cash between the front and back office. Cash-In-Transit pick-ups and replenishment of change funds are reduced. A flexible and scalable solution, CI-300X can be customized to meet varying store processes and operations.


  • Cash and coin operations are fully secure, eliminating cash handling
  • The solution is suitable for provisional credit as the ownership of each recycler and collection component is very clear
  • Auto-verification accurately displays the latest inventory even in the occurrence of jams or human error

Suitable For:

  • Back office automated cash and coin handling
  • Secure closed cash management between the front and back office
  • Automated banknote verification
  • 5″ H × 40.0″ D × 53.1″ W (420 × 1,017 × 1,350 mm)
  • 1 bin cassette (2,700-1,400 notes) × 3
  • Note: Up to 14,900 note 2 bin cassette (1,050 notes + 750 notes) × 1 Verification cassette × 1s
  • Coin: 8 recycle stacks
  • *Dependent on banknote quality. Capacities are for reference only and are not guaranteed.

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