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Efficiency at the point of sale is critical to the customer experience and retail store profitability. Automating cash handling reduces threats that may impact your store profits and allows your staff to focus on serving customers and not counting cash.

CI-5 Small Cash Recycling System

As the smallest and most compact cash recycler in our CASHINFINITY™ lineup, the CI-5 small cash recycling system removes the need for staff to handle cash at the point of sale. It is thoughtfully designed for easy integration into various store formats, as well as self-checkouts as well as existing POS systems. As part of your retail store’s cash automation, the CI-5 securely automates cash handling and minimizes the risk of counting errors and shrinkage while enhancing staff productivity and customer service.


  • Reduces cash exposure and eliminates discrepancies
  • Improves staff experience by reducing workload, faster training, and increased job satisfaction
  • Improves customer experience with faster transactions, no more errors when providing change, and ease of access
  • Real-time cash inventory status which reduces CIT pick up and deliveries
  • CI-5C: 12.6″ x 23.2″ x 11.8″
  • CI-5B: 7.9″ x 23.2″ x 11.8″
  • CI-5B: 3 recycle modules
  • CI-5C: 8 recycle modules
  • Free layout recycle module
  • 300* notes (*dependent on banknote thickness)

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